12 Best Music Coloring Sheets For Kids


There are many activities to make your kids more fun in their spare time. You know, coloring books and sheets for kids are essential educational tools for preschoolers to repair for school. It not only helps your kids enhance their imagination but also gives them opportunities to express their feeling or their hobbies through coloring sheets.

There are many topics of coloring sheets on our website such as animal coloring, Disney coloring, bird coloring, cartoon coloring, superhero coloring, etc. But today we would like to introduce to you and your kid a new topic which is the music coloring of sheets. We hope that your kid will enjoy these coloring sheets.

The coloring sheet of boy playing acoustic drums 

Most of the musical groups use an acoustic drum set to create the rhythm of the music. Does your kid like to play the acoustic drum? Here is a neat coloring sheet of a boy who is playing acoustic drums. Ask your kid color him and his drums!

The coloring picture of beautiful musical notes

The coloring sheet of a bear playing violin

Look at him! He is a bear and he is playing the violin like a professional musician. That’s wonderful. Bears may look stern and aggressive, but when you give them a violin, then even they will get into the musical mood. Let use special colors for this cool bear!

The coloring page of pieces of a drum kit. Let’s color it!

The coloring sheet of Tom and Jerry enjoying with music

In this picture, we don’t see Tom and Jerry are fighting like they always do in the movie! But now they have common passion music, so we can see Tom carrying the music system on his shoulder and Jerry sitting on the music recorder, and there are musical notes around them.

The coloring sheet of Roo playing the flute. He will be even cuter if your kid colors him

The coloring sheet of Treble Clef music note


The coloring sheet of Santa playing piano with his reindeer

The coloring sheet shows that Santa is playing the piano and his reindeer is singing. Can you guess what song they are performing? It looks like his pet reindeer pleased with the music Santa playing. Ask your child to color this page to make them more special.

The coloring page of Lord Krishna playing bansuri (flute)

The coloring sheet of Super Sonic Hedgehog playing the violin

Sonic, the hedgehog, is the titular protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a blue colored hedgehog, and especially he can run at supersonic speeds. In this picture, he seems aggressive so don’t forget to brighten him with your kid’s favorite colors.

The coloring picture of SpongeBob playing flute with his nose

The coloring sheet of playing Violin

This is the best time to teach your child about the musical instruments. If your child has a deep interest in music or they want to become a musician in the future, he or she will certainly like these coloring sheets. We hope that your kid will like our collection of free printable music coloring sheets.