Ben and Holly Coloring for kids


Animation is one of the fields definitely no stranger to children, especially children in kindergarten age. Educational cartoons are even more necessary. Because in this age, they have begun to develop their self-reliance, so they don’t want to depend much on their parents. Therefore, educating your child through the things they love is an effective way for parents to indirectly convey messages to your baby. This also help the image and role of parents to be not so heavily educated in their child’s thinking.

There are a lot of popular educational cartoons produced in the world. One of them is Ben and Holly. This animated film is well-received by children worldwide. This is also quite understandable when right on the first poster of Ben and Holly have the words “Brand new show from the makers of Peppa Pig”. Those words are enough to tell how animated this movie is, how deep and meaningful it is. Because Peppa Pig has been highly praised by professionals in educational value and creativity right after birth. In addition, Peppa Pig was warmly received by the kids and also the parents praised and encouraged their children to watch this movie.

Back to Ben and Holly, this is a film series about adventures that contain useful educational lessons. Ben is a goblin boy who does not fly and does not know magic, but is always proud to be a goblin. Unlike Ben, Holly is a princess of about 5 years old living in a kingdom where everything is very small. Holly is also a little fairy and so, she knows how to do magic and she knows how to fly as well. Because the series was produced for kindergarten children so the speeches in the film were slow and they are carefully selected words. Therefore, parents can be assured that their kids is having a very good friend. Because not only educational and entertaining value, your kids can also further improve their foreign language skills beside.

In this article I would like to introduce you to the two main characters in this popular cartoon. With this beam photos, your baby will be able to play and relax with Ben and Holly by coloring for the characters. If they has ever seen this movie, they will remember and know how to use colors for these characters. Now, let’s take a look:

Ben and Holly coloring sheet
Hi! My name is Ben and I am a goblin boy!
coloring book for kids
Hello! My name is Holly and I am the princess of tiny kingdom.

Ben coloring sheet Holly coloring sheet

coloring book for kids Ben and Holly picture to color Ben and Holly coloring sheet

With images like those, you can completely print out on papers and then fold into a booklet to make a coloring book as a gift for your baby. With kids who love the animated Ben and Holly, it will definitely be a great gift. Wish you and your baby will have fun relaxing moments with coloring for kids and with Ben and Holly as well!