Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Pages For Children


When you walk in a garden, do you see colorful butterflies? Do you know how butterflies to be born? Today, we are going to find out more about the butterfly life cycle, which is a fascinating study. These beautiful creatures are a source of wonder and delight for your children. Our website provides a lot of pictures about realistic cycles of butterflies’ life for identification and learning. You can download and print these free pictures for your children to decorate them with colors.


The first stage is when the female butterfly lays tiny eggs. The eggs can be round, cylindrical or oval and are carefully attached to leaves, stems, small twigs, and other natural objects. The eggs are laid on a food source for the caterpillars that will soon be hatching from them. They are often laid on the under side of leaves because this offers the eggs the most protection from predators and the hot summer sun.

Eggs-Of-Butterflies-Page 1



Eggs-Of-Butterflies-Page 2

Eggs of a butterfly on a leave   


After about five days, an almost microscopic caterpillar emerges from each egg. They are so small that they look like hairs. The newly hatched caterpillars are twice as long as the diameter of the egg they hatched from. The caterpillars may have spiny hairs, patterns, or other designs on it depending on the species of butterfly it will become. Some are very colorful and others blend in to their habitat.

A caterpillar is hatched from the egg Caterpillar-Coloring-Page 4

A caterpillar is eating leaves


The stage in which the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly is called the chrysalis stage. During this time the caterpillar’s organs are chemically broken down and the adult butterfly’s structures develop. Some of the adult structures, like the wings, have begun to form while it is still a caterpillar. The other organs that the adult butterfly will need to live and reproduce will mature during this cycle.

Chrysalis-Page-Coloring-Page 5

A chrysalis of the butterfly

Adult Butterfly

When the transformation is complete, the adult butterfly will emerge from the chrysalis. It will need a period of time for its new wings to dry and become usable. After a period of time, the butterfly will be ready to fly. This is the mature stage of butterflies’ life cycle where the insect will court, mate, and lay eggs. It is during this time that the butterfly may move to a new habitat or, for some species, even migrate long distances.

Aldult-Butterfly-Page 6

A caterpillar is dreaming about transforming a butterfly

Alsult-Butterfly-Page 7

A butterfly and her baby-caterpillar

Cycle- Of-Butterflies-Page 8

Butter-Life-Cycle-Page 9

Butter Life Cycle

A-pretty-butterfly page 9

A beautiful butterfly

Butterfly-And-Flower-Page 11

A butterfly is absorbing the nectar

We think that your children will love to fill butterfly life cycle coloring page so much as well as like discovering nature when they know cycles. Every sheet can be downloaded and printed directly, let’s come and discover our website with a variety of topics such as cars, fruits, animals, superman, disney and so on.