Coloring letters and alphabet help children creatively


We all know that studying leters of alphabet is very important before kids hit kindergarten.

Do you have any idea to teach kids the important basics? You’re reading alphabet board books or singing the “Alphabet Song” with kids, but what should you do if your kids are just not interesting in such ways? How do you make learning the alphabet fun?

You need apply the fun methods if you want to make kids be intersted in your lessons. There are many activities to recognize the letters of the alphabet. One of them is coloring sheets and pictures.

Our website has all different letters of alphabet coloring sheets from A to Z, so you can teach them more easily.

Learning the alphabet and words while coloring with our printable alphabet coloring sheets is very creative and effective. Coloring the alphabet is a good way to introduce the youngest learners to letters of the alphabet through an activity they like. It doesn’t matter if your kids can’t yet read letters, they can study by other way. They can still color in the shapes of letters and gradually familiarize themselves, this is very useful for further learning later.

Our alphabet coloring sheets will help your kids identify and remember which is uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter. Besides each printable highlights a word that starts with the corresponding letter, so your child will also increase vocabulary and language skills. The artists used the pictures with funny brushwork to stand for the letters and words, it may be animals or things around us. For example: A is for Animals, B is for Bunny, C is for Cow, V is for Vase,… What convenient it is that you can teach letters, vocabularies and many things while your kids color pictures.

coloring sheet
A for Animals
coloring sheet for kids
B for Bunny
learn letters & alphabet by coloring
C for Cow
D for Dog

Many scientists suggested that the alphabet with letters is the foundation for language development, and it’s important to begin building basic language skills from a young age. Use our printable alphabet coloring sheets develop your child’s growing vocabulary.

We also has variety of coloring topics, such as animals, cars, fruits, Disneys, flowers,… You can easily choose and print the topics which your kids love.

In brief, most kids love to color pictures. Coloring is the simple activity that helps children to develop cognitively, psychologically and creatively. So, print our alphabet coloring sheets and get your kids started with coloring as early as possible.