Community helpers coloring sheets


Child education is always the top concern of society. In addition to helping children develop physically, children also need to be care more about morality development. Children usually grow up in family’s loving arms and protection, so if not educated carefully will soon have selfish nature because they are accustomed to being loved and always be responed by parents to have Whatever they wants. So in early childhood education programs, community helps is one of the regular topics in extracurricular classes. Children need to understand how to help others. Know how to condescend younger babies; share toys or foods, drinks with friends; help people with disabilities or poor luck in life … are things that every child need to learn.

Many parents today love their children by extremely dangerous ways. For their kids not crying, manys are willing to respone whatever the child wants. “Want”, not “need”. Even if anyone in the family is opposed to that love, many parents are willing to react by negative actions or words right in front of their children.

When the kids go out to play with their friends, if there is an argument or conflict friction happen between them, some parents will immediately advocate their children by hit or threaten other children, which can cause Conflict that is not worth between parents just because of the children’s games.

Many parents when they meet a beggar or a disability on the street, wil immediately pull their children away and teach them to stay away from those people.

It’s not proper education for children. Children need to understand that those people need helps more than anyone else. What you should do is to explain the kids that no one wants to go begging or being disabled. Unluckily life forced them to do so. If you can not help, at least do not alienate them. These are the wise parents.

The examples of doctors, nurses, and teachers who have used their whole life and knowledge to help the unfortunate are the things children need to get acquainted from a very young age.

People who use their life and youth to help others. They do not need to get any salary for their work. What they get is worth more than that. Those are things that can not be bought by money. When poor people with not enough money to be healing become healthy. Kids who are poor with not enough money for school and letters are only in dreams can read the books and open a different future for them. The lowest class lifes in society is changed to be better. And even better if that change is multiplied. These are the miracles of life and the world. And that’s what you need to teach your child. Just like the pictures for coloring for kids below:

Community helpers coloring book Community helpers coloring picture Community helpers coloring book Community helpers coloring book Community helpers coloring book Community helpers coloring book Community helpers coloring book Community helpers coloring picture Community helpers coloring picture

Community helpers coloring picture
The beautiful images like that need to be colors so beautiful, right?