Dental coloring sheets for kids


Oral care is an integral part of the health care as well as the protection of the child’s body and smile. However, it is the children who are not aware of the importance of dental care for themselves. As a result, many parents use tooth extraction to threaten their children to expect a better dental care from their childs for themselves. I personally think this is not advisable. By doing so, you have inadvertently created a fear of tooth extraction while it is a necessity for any child.

Children are often afraid of tooth extraction. With them, just to talk about the dentist, the parents will immediately receive their resistance. Because when kids start to know the world around, baby’s teeth grow enough. They are accustomed to their images with full teeth, so for the first time to extract their teeth, they may not completely understand what it is and will listen obediently. But only for the first time. Beginning from the second time while the child has experienced, every teeth extraction time will actually be a psychological battle for parents with their childs. Not only painful psychology, tooth extraction for the baby is the deprivation of a body parts that are already familiar with them. The concept of aesthetics, fear of being teased by friends, or even the unfamiliar image of themselves after tooth extraction is also a psychological barrier for children in this regard.

What we need to do to help children understand the importance of oral care, tooth replacement or tooth extraction is to make the pressure soothing, not to add more fear on children. Overseas, dental clinics are not just a place for children to extract their teeth, but there are certain areas for the kids to play and get acquainted with doctors and nurses. Doctors who have good professional experiences always encourage parents to regularly bring their children to the dentist’s office or at least 2-3 times before the tooth extraction. This familiarity will make the child’s psychologist afraid of the doctor is no longer. There, psychologists will teach your kids the importance of dental care and the necessity of tooth replacement. Just like the extra-curricular classes. While kids understand these issues are necessary, they will naturally be more obedient and self-conscious so that the parents don’t need to worry. In addition, doctors are also encouraging the child to get familiar to tooth extraction right at home with stories or pictures, funny games…

The coloring pictures about “beautiful teeth and care” is one of the encouraged methods that parents can use to play with their baby, and through that teaches children about the teeth.

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