Easter Egg Designs Coloring Pages


Easter is known to be one of the most important holidays of the year for Catholics. This festival usually takes place in March or April each year with the meaning of commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after being crucified on a cross. With children in western countries, this festival is no longer unfamiliar. However, with children in countries in Asia where Buddhism is a thriving religion, true Easter is still a new concept.

In Vietnam, in recent years, the feasts of the West seems to become more and more popular in life. Not only Easter, Halloween or Christmas also have become popular occasions every year. With the development of tourism and cross-cultural exchanges becoming more diverse, such festivals not only have the original meaning of being just to meet the demands of the tourist; but have gradually become chances to have fun for everyone. This has helped to bring people from different countries closer together, and it seems that they help to eliminate any gap between people regardless any religions or nations.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in centres of teaching Western-language, on Easter celebrations, people will decorate or play games around the image of the eggs. Eggs are hidden in the bushes, under the grass … for the children to find. no one knows why origins of Easter are closely linked to the image of the egg because there are many different stories about it. But most believe that the egg carries life inside. So it is a symbol of revival. The eggs will be decorated differently depending on the meaning that the donor wants to send to the recipient.

In today’s increasingly evolving habitat, children also need to be familiar with these things. Get acquainted in the most properly way. There are many ways to do that. Parents can introduce those thing to their childs by stories telling before bedtime, or creative games such as coloring Easter eggs. Let kids to decorate the eggs by themselves. It will be childhood memories that can not be bought with money when the child grows up.

Coloring pictures about the Easter eggs below are the gifts we want to send to your children with a hope that they will have meaningful memories if you can play with your little angels.

Easter coloring picture
Which egg does the kid like in these?
Easter coloring book
Wow, an egg with full candies inside will be a wonderful gift for any kids, right?

Easter coloring picture Easter coloring book Easter coloring picture Easter coloring book Easter coloring picture Easter coloring book