Free Adorable Snowman Coloring Pages


In the winter, the Christmas is coming and most of children will be excited with building Snowmen. A snowman is considered as a symbol of Christmas day. A snowman is a statue of a person made of snow. Snowmen are usually made when people make three balls of snow that are different sizes. However,in Japan, snowmen are made by two snowballs. They will stack the balls on top of each other to make a snowman, and stick some things in it to make it look more like a person like a scarf, pebbles, buttons and a carrot for the nose. Snowmen are a popular theme for Christmas and winter decorations and also in children’s media.

A snowman denotes a lot of things – happiness, joy, simplicity and the sweet memories of childhood. Give your kids the pleasure of coloring snowman this holiday season. Most children as well as young people love building them and absolutely wait for snowfall.


This is the basic snowman. Your kids can like this picture because it is simple, so they can color quickly. 


Snowman is built of snow and so its nature doesn’t allow it to stand too long under the sun. Kids often try to dress up the snowman under the sun quite shows the joy kids get out of it. Kids’ parents should explain to them the nature of snow and why it melts.


This cute picture shows snowman dressed as a man during winters. The smile on his face only makes the picture look more real and sweet.


A couple of Snowman. They are falling in love each other and look so cute. 


The picture shows a lovely snowman with the little snowflakes make it really attractive to look.


This cute picture shows snowman dressed as a man during winter. It has two eyes, a long nose, a scarf, buttons and a hat.



Kids are building snowman in the winter. They seem to love this activity.Snowman-8

Some pets such as cat, dog, birds also like snowman. They are reading book and chatting together with snowman.


This is Frosty-a famous snowman, a character on which a lot of movies, videos, books and even recordings are done. 


Peppa Pigs love to build snowman. Their snowman looks cute like them.

We hope that your children will love our compilation of free printable snowman coloring pages. Do not forget support our website with a variety of topics such as cartoon, book, toy animals and so on.