Free Masha And Bear Coloring Pages For Kids Printable


Masha and the bear are a popular Russian cartoon series that was first broadcast on television in 2009. Masha – the protagonist of the film is a small and mischievous 3 year old girl and her friend – a very kind bear. Each episode is a fun story about Masha’s troubles. Because she is so playful that every time she appears, the animals and animals in the forest are frightened and hiding. The film is extremely attractive to children from the age of 2 years with parents. Throughout the film are pictures of natural landscapes with Russian style and beautiful colors. Especially the bear – a good friend of Masha. Usually with the babies, the bear is a large and very scary, aggressive animal. But with the movie Masha and the bear, we will see the image of the bear is built also great, majestic but very close, friendly and humorous. The film was designed for children at a young age so characters usually speak with gestures, so they can easily understand the film even without the subtitle.

Until now, this movie has been shown in more than 120 countries with an impressive number of view on YouTube. Continue the winning, the filmmakers have teamed up with warner bros to release 8 episodes of film to serve widescreen audiences. Not to disappoint the filmmakers, 8 episodes of the Masha and the bear have been successful and brought in record sales at all the box offices. Not to stop there, images of Masha and bear were displayed in an exhibition hall in Milan – Italy. In here, the familiar images of the movie such as the table of brown bears, books, chess sets, rabbit or gray wolves are reproduced vivid and true.

With the purpose to introduce the children to familiarize with this famous animated film, we would like to introduce to everyone the pictures for coloring Massha and the bear. Along with the fun and lively images, we hope the kids will complete the coloring for the characters so that each picture can become a masterpiece of their own. Now let’s see the funny pictures below!

Masha coloring sheet for kids
Hello there! We are Masha and the bear.

Masha coloring book for kids Masha coloring book for kids

Masha coloring book for kids
Masha and the bear are very good friends!

Masha coloring sheet for kids Masha coloring sheet for kids Masha coloring sheet for kids Masha coloring sheet for kids

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