Free Printable Penguin Coloring Pages


Have you ever watched George Miller’s famous animated film named Happy Feet? The film was produced in 2006 about a penguin named Mumble who does not know how to sing but is very good at dancing. If you have watched then surely would love the penguins – the birds can not fly with a cute waddling gait. When I see penguins, I always feel relaxed. The waddling gait they walk always gives the viewer relaxed moments and feels like they never know what is sad, even they live in the lowest temperature area in the globe.

For children, the animal world is always very interesting. Kids always want to discover more about the world around them. So why don’t we let them make the acquaintance to cute animals like penguins. But how can our children approach penguins while they are living too far away? The simplest way to do this is to get your child acquainted with penguins by pictures and games. Combining those two things together, you will be able to give your baby a great gift.

Kids love to color. And animal coloring is a good idea. Coloring for kids today is varied. Coloring books on the market today are also very popular. By coloring, your baby will be trained in ingenuity, creativity since they are little and train them the love to the animal world too.

In this post, I would like to introduce to you some cute pictures of penguins for your kid to color. Let’s take a look at the pictures below.

penguin coloring book penguin coloring sheet penguin coloring book

penguin coloring book
The lonely penguins stand alone like those…
penguin coloring sheet
… Or being with family like those…

penguin coloring book penguin coloring sheet penguin coloring sheet

penguin coloring book
…and friends like those as well.
penguin coloring sheet
Let’s make together a little variation for penguins!
penguin coloring sheet
Hello my little friends! I need some color! Let’s make up for me by coloring, will you?

Coloring games is not strange to the children anymore. Coloring for kids has also been scientifically proven to help children develop creativity, ingenuity, the ability to combine colors, and to relax the baby as well. So coloring books are always good friends with the kids. And it would be more sense if you could do those coloring books by yourself. You can collect as many of those images on our website, print them out on paper and make a coloring book. So you have done a wonderful gift for your baby. Hope you success! Good luck.