Free Printable Spiderman vs Elsa Coloring Pages


In the popular Disney animated films, there is a movie that made one of the huge waves sweeping through many countries around the world. The film revolves around the protagonist as a pair of sisters with the love winning over the cold of ice and death. Speaking of which, have you guessed what movie I am talking about? It’s Frozen, an animated film released by Disney in 2013 and quickly dominated all of the box office at the time.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s legend named The Snow Queen, the film tells the story of a journey to find back the love of the family members and the belief in the characters themselves. It is the journey of a brave princess – sister of Queen Elsa of the kingdom of Arendele. Her name is Anna. Anna embarked on a journey to find her sister with a guy who came from the moutains. He is slightly robust boy, but in fact very deep and very easy to vibrate – named Kristof. Along with his loyal reindeer and a fun snowman who happened to meet in the street, they have gone through many difficulties together to find Anna’s sister – Elsa is living alone. Elsa is the queen of the kingdom of Arendele, who possesses the power to create frost. She was extremely scared if the power was known to others, so she had to live for a long time separated from everyone, including her sister. But fear is also Elsa’s enemy. The more fearful, the stronger her strength is. And in once out of control, accidentally Elsa makes the kingdom sink in the eternal winter.

Another character is also a fictional character who is very popular with children around the world. That is Spider-Man. Created by writer Stan Lee and writer-writer Steve Ditko, Spider-Man is an orphaned teenage boy raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben, faced with unusual changes in his adolescence; also faced many wars to fight against the crime. Spider-Man has supernatural power along with agility, the ability to stick to most surfaces and to puff the spider silk from his wrist. Thanks to the spider’s senses, he responds to dangers quickly. That ability helped him to fight off his enemy. His name is Peter Parker.

Below, I would like to introduce a coloring book combining these two popular animated films. Hope this will be an interesting gift to children who are the fans of the characters in both animated films mentioned above.

Elsa and Anna coloring book
Famous sisters – Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of the Arendele kingdom
Princess Anna coloring sheet
This is Princess Anna when she was a kid.
Elsa coloring sheet
And this is Queen Elsa.
Elsa coloring sheet
She has super power which she never wanted.
Spiderman coloring sheet
Can you realize who this is?

Spiderman coloring book

Spiderman coloring book
Yes, it’s Spider Man.
Spiderman and Elsa coloring sheet
Together, they wil be an amazing couple.

Hopefully with this creative ideas for coloring book, the children will have fun relaxing moments and simple joys from the color. Enjoy!