Halloween coloring book


Hello my friends! Today we meet again to explore an amazing coloring pictures’ collection for kids on a new topic – Halloween! Have you ever heard of that word? Sure to hear it somewhere right? With the widespread cultural exchange among nations today, Halloween is no stranger to most people on Earth. There are a lot of people who are already familiar with Halloween, but here are some interesting facts about this festival to help you better understand it before coming to the amazing coloring pictures’ collection about Halloween!

Halloween is just an abbreviation. The full name of this festival is All Hallows’ Evening. This is a traditional festival held on October 31st each year in Christianity to commemorate those who have died. The traditional meaning of Halloween is to use humorous jokes to confront the power of death. Often, popular activities in Halloween are children who will disguise themselves as scary characters, knock on the door of a neighbor to ask for candy, then join the costume party, setting fire and carving a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern; Join jokes, watch movies or tell horror stories. And because this is a festival to tribute the dead, so in many parts of the world on Halloween, church attendance and light the graves are still very popular. However, according to the popularity of Halloween today, in many places, it is an event just more commercial.

The Halloween logo is the face of the devil carved on many materials but the most common is the pumpkin. The reason why the face of the devil becomes the symbol of Halloween is still unclear beacuse there are many different sources of information about it. Only know that people use it as a symbol for Halloween as it is meant as a reminder of the death and life is unsustainability. On this occasion, the houses are often decorated with autumn related symbols such as bogeys, pumpkins and corn husks with the main themes of death, devils, monsters and myths. Main colors are black and orange, sometimes purple.

It sounds scary, right? In fact, children in Western countries are already familiar with those things and they are even looking forward to this event each years. Halloween is also becoming popular everywhere in the world so letting kids acquainted with these things is also necessary. Now, let me introduce you, the easiest way for kids to be acquainted with the symbols and this festivals without fear. Watch it below.


Disney Halloween coloring sheet
Take a look! How these familiar characters of Disney are having fun with Halloween…


Pooh Halloween coloring sheet
Surely kids are no strangers to the Pooh bear anymore? See what Pooh bears say! Happy Halloween!
Beauty and the Beast Halloween coloring sheet
Beauty and the Beast are also having fun with Halloween.


Hopefully with the fun coloring book of these happy Halloween characters, children will be easier to get used to this devil’s festival. Enjoy the coloring!