Happy Halloween Coloring Sheets For Kids


We love Halloween and we think that your kids also like Halloween, so we decide to write this post. It supplies with a list of Halloween pictures that your kids can learn about Halloween and colour them.

Halloween is a celebration on the night of October 31. This festival is popular in some Western countries like United States, Canada and so on. On Halloweens’ Eve, children wear costumes and go to people’s homes saying “Trick or treat!” to ask for candy and people give it to them. The suggestion is: “Give me a treat or I will play a trick on you”.

Halloween-Candies-Page 1

     There are a lot of kinds of candy on the Halloween such as chocolate, lollipop, toffee…   That’s is wonderful!

During Halloween people usually wear costumes and dress-up. The most popular fancy dress costumes include witches, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, zombies and monsters. You can buy a costume from a shop or you can make your own one at home for your kids. It’s easy to make a ghost costume from an old white sheet or wear black clothes to look like a witch. You can even paint “blood” dripping from your mouth using bright red tomato ketchup to look like a vampire. We think that your kids dressing-up is an activity, which your kids like most on Halloween.

Halloween-Costumes-Page 2

Children dress-up into wizard and witch to take part in Halloween holiday.

On Halloween holiday, there are many symbols:

First symbol is pumpkins lanterns are pumpkins with the inside removed and eyes, mouth and a nose cut into one side. A candle is placed inside the empty pumpkin and the light creates a scary face effect. In the past, people used potatoes or turnips to make lanterns but nowadays, pumpkins are more popular. They are easier to cut and you can buy them in supermarkets. People use pumpkin lanterns to decorate their homes at Halloween.

Pumpkin-Lantern-Page 3

What a big pumpkin lantern!

Besides, there are other symbols like bat, spider, owl and so on.

Pumpkin-Page 4

A cat participates in Halloween, he hides behind a pumpkin lantern. Around him is bats and spiders.

Owl-Page 5

An owl dresses wizard’s costume.

Before Halloween day, what do you and your kids prepare for this day? From our perspective, we often prepare decorate house, prepare some things such as costumes, sweets and games.

Prepare-on-Halloween-page 6

Kids are decorating house with pumpkins lanterns before Halloween holiday.

There are some Disney’s characters took part in Halloween festival. They had a memorable Halloween. Let’s see how their Halloween:

Mickey-Page 7  Cat-Page 8 Halloween-Page 8 Mickey-Page 9 Pooh-Page 11

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