Insect coloring sheets for kids


The animal world has various species and do you know the interesting way to distinguish each one for your kids? It is coloring. Insect is always the object of wonderment for the kids. Most insects are small animal, so  the enlarged pictures will make kids to understand better about these animals. Our website provides many picture about this topic: insect. Each insect picture identifies the insect and can be used as an insect coloring sheet. Our insect coloring sheets are detailed pictures to give a realistic look at each insect for identification and learning.  Feel free to print out all of our insect sheets for your kids and have some fun together.

Below are some insect coloring sheets in our website. They are the animals with realistic brushwork, such as:

coloring for kids
The picture of a butterfly flying on a garden. Most kids love to chase the butterflies in the garden. This coloring sheet will make your kids be interested in.
The butterfly coloring sheet for baby
Other picture of a butterfly standing on a plant. Butterfly and flower is a most common view which many artists choose to paint.
Make butterfly coloring sheet for kids
Or one more coloring sheet describes a pair of butterflies flying on a river. Let’s give a chance for kids to make these insects be colorful.
insect coloring
The coloring sheet of an American locust on a leaf. Ask your kids to add some beautiful colors to bring life to this picture.
the coloring sheet of Rocky mountain locust
Or the coloring sheet of Rocky mountain locust on a leaf
insect picture to color
Here is the coloring sheet of dragonfly on a leaf. Let’s help your kids add beautiful colors to this black and white picture of this dragonfly.
insect coloring for kids
The coloring sheet of ant colony will make you and your little artists have fun. Besides, teaching your kids count the number of ants is one of good ways to develop their counting ability.

Or you can find many fantastic insects, such as:

The honeybee coloring
The coloring sheet of hardworking honey bee
The funny bee picture to color
The coloring sheet of funny bee
The coloring sheet of cute worm
The coloring sheet of cute worm
coloring sheet for kids
The coloring sheet of the two friends snail and butterfly

Why don’t you and your kid color these sheets together? This activity will make a wonderful family bonding session. And we are sure your kids will be enjoyed to fill our insect coloring sheets. Every sheets can be downloaded and printed directly, let’s come and discover our website.

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