Mid-Autumn Festival Coloring Page Sheets


Are you and your kids ready for Mid-Autumn Festival? The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by the Chinese and Vietnamese people on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with the full moon at night. This festival is for children especially and children are at the center of all activities on that day. For the Mid-Autumn Festival, we have a lot of things to share with your kids. You spend your time telling your kids about this festival and coloring pictures below.

In the Mid-Autumn holiday has many interesting things that your kids, as well as children in some countries of East, Southeast, and South Asia, may expect every year. First, children like taking part in parades in the dark under the full moon with lanterns of various forms, shapes, and colors. Do your kids love playing with colorful lanterns? What kinds of lanterns do they like: paper lanterns or electrical lanterns?Lanterns-Page 1



Some popular shapes of lanterns. Which one do your kids like most?

Parades-In Mid-Autumn- Page 2 Lanterns-Page 3

Chinese children are participating in parades with lovely lanterns. Let’s take part in this parades with them!

Dragon is a powerful symbol of imperial China believed to bring good luck to the country’s people. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s thought that the longer the dragon, the more luck will be brought to the community.

Don’t miss watching Dragon Dance in Mid-Autumn Festival because it is so fascinating.

In the Mid-Autumn Festival has three famous characters, which we always miss them. They are The Moon Lady, The Moon Man and Jade Rabbit. There are interesting stories about them. You tell your kids about these stories, we think that your kids can love these stories.

The-Moon-Lady-Page 5

The Moon Lady was appearing in stories on the Mid-Autumn Festival with her pet-Jade Rabbit.

Jade-Rabbit-Page 6

Jade Rabbit was pounding rice on the moon. He looks so cute!

The Moon Man-Page 7

The Moon Man was hanging on to banyan tree and flying into the Moon.

After The Moon Man flew into the Moon. He met The Moon Lady and he was there until now. 

In parties of Mid-Autumn, there are lots of food, especially moon-cake and fruits. You will see mooncakes in every bakery during the days leading up to the Mid-Autumn Festival. These sweet, rich treats are commonly shared among friends and family with hot tea. Also, there are many kinds of fruits such as grapefruit, orange, banana and so on.

Moon-Cake-Page 9

It is wonderful when you are eaten Mooncake and green tea in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Family reunites and has a meal together in the Festival.

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