Top 10 Amazing Pirates Coloring Sheets For Kids


Do your kids love fantasy movie? Your kids like dreaming about pirates and you are looking for some printable pirate coloring pages for your beloved ones. Then, you are in the right place. In this post, we show you top 10 amazing pirate coloring pages, these coloring sheets feature pirates who are famous of all time coming from some popular cartoon characters, movies, and TV.

Feel free to download these printable pirates coloring pages because all of them are free of charge. So, it is easy to make a beautiful pirate coloring book for your kids to color in this summer.

The free coloring sheet of pirate Blackbeard

This pirate coloring sheet features fearsome pirate Blackbeard. Ask your kids to bring this pirate to life by brightening him with black and red crayons.

The printable coloring paper of cute cat pirate on the boat

The coloring paper of Donald the pirate. This scene comes from the comic “Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold”

Here is the pirate coloring page of Henry Morgan. You can provide the information on the sheet to your kid while he/she is coloring

The printable pirate coloring page of Bartholomew Roberts

This is the coloring picture of the pirate Bartholomew Roberts who is one of the most famous pirate Captains and is one of the most successful pirates. More than 400 ships were riffled by him, which is a record amongst the other pirates. So why was he so successful? The main reason why Bartholomew Roberts success was that he is a fearless and bold pirate. Unfortunately, he died in the battle against Captain Challoner Ogle of the British Government. In this pirate coloring sheet, Roberts is ready for a battle, but he needs some color before he fights.

The free coloring sheet of Dora the pirate

Here is the scene coming from the episode “Dora’s Pirate Adventure”. Ask your kids to color the adorable Dora who dressed as a pirate captain.

The printable coloring picture of pirate Boochbeard. He is the legendary pirate who didn’t succeed in his career

The printable pirate coloring paper of Captain Hook. He is a violent character

This is a pirate coloring sheet of Captain Kidd reading a treasure map. The coloring paper also shows some information about him

The printable pirate coloring page of Jack Sparrow

He is one of the iconic pirates of all time. He comes from the famous film “Pirates of Caribbean”, the actor Johnny Depp plays the role of Jack Sparrow in the film.

Is it enough for your kids to fuel the passions and improve the drawing skills? Don’t worry, we will update the next pirate coloring sheets in the other post soon. Thanks for your visiting!