Top 10 Cute Totoro Coloring Pages For Kids


It is obvious that your kids like watching cartoons very much. Therefore, these coloring page sheets will leave a strong impression on your kids. If your kids are the ones who like watching Japanese Anime movies, they will be interested with this article. In this post today, we would like to show you one of the favorite cartoon characters is Totoro. Here are some Totoro character images in Japanese animated fantasy film My neighbor is Totoro. Below is 10 Totoro coloring page sheets for your kids to colour them creatively after downloading and printing out them. These Totoro coloring page sheets will make your kids interesting. Let your kids have some funny movement by coloring these pictures.



 Big Totoro is one of the favorite characters in this movie.

The movie tells the story of two young sisters, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe. As the story opens, their father is driving them to their new house, near a vast forest. Their mother, who is sick, has been moved to a hospital in this district. Little Mei finds the first baby Totoro, which looks like a bunny, scurrying around their yard, and follows it into the forest. Her father, home alone and absorbed in his work, doesn’t notice her absence. The baby leads her down a leafy green tunnel and then there’s a soft landing on the stomach of a vast slumbering creature. And then many strange and marvellous things happen to 2 kids. They and Totoro experienced the fantasy stories together.




Little sister Mei and Totoro is waiting for her father.

There are numerous benefits that your kids can gain through coloring pictures. We can easily see some benefits of coloring. For example, kids can be stimulated their creativity as well as their concentration. Moreover, kids can recognize colors such as yellow, pink, red,… and they can also create new colors by mixing colors. These coloring page sheets are very useful for your kids.


This is a cat bus in this magical story. It can fly extremely quickly in the sky.


Two kids and Totoro are enjoying funny movement together on the tree.



Totoro-Cartoon-Coloring-Pages-8Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe are flying in the sky with Totoro.


Big Totoro and his babies.


The kid is lying on the stomach of Totoro.

We hope that your kids will enjoy the collection of Totoro as well as cartoon coloring sheets from our website. We believe that these coloring pages will be an amazing activity for your kids in their free time.