Top 10 Lovely Kitten Coloring Sheets For Little Girls


Our world is full of animals, there are many types of animals in the world such as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, etc. Most kids love to discover animals so the best way for them to make acquaintance with animals is coloring pictures of animals. There are many benefits for kids when they color coloring sheets from our website. Not only provides them more information about animals but also stimulate their imagination.

In this article, we’d like to introduce the collection of Kitten Coloring Sheets For Little Girls. Kids love little kittens especially when they purr and cuddle onto their feet. This article includes black and white diagrams of kittens in their cartoon form. Let check it out and free to print it to make your own coloring books.

The coloring sheet of “K” For Kitten 

This is a lovely K for Kitten coloring sheet to teach your child about the alphabets. It will help improve your kid’s motor skills and letter recognition. Also, help them learn the spelling of kitten. Ask your kid to color this cute kitten.

The coloring sheet of kitten connecting the dots

The coloring sheet of three orphan kittens

This lovely coloring page features a trio of kittens in need of a home. This image comes from the film “Three Orphan Kittens”. The film revolves around the adventures of three kittens Tuffy, Fluffy and Muffy in the house. They were locked in a bag and then abandoned. Later, they were adopted by a kind little girl. It is such a great movie for kids! Now, ask your kid to brighten by their favorite color to the sheet.

The coloring sheet of Banjo. He is a curious and rebellious kitten.

The coloring sheet of a kitten playing with the barn

He is playing with his toy – a ball of the barn. It looks like he is looking for someone to say something and his face looks very sad. So, ask your kid to color him with some bright color to make him feel better. We believe that your kitten-loving kid will love this coloring sheet.

The coloring sheet of kitten playing with bird

The coloring sheet of Hello Kitty

As you know, Hello Kitty is a very popular cartoon characters of all time. She is a white Japanese bobtail cat who is always shown wearing a red bow. Let’s color her!

The coloring sheet of Chi having his supper

The coloring sheet of Marie coming from Disney film “Aristocrats”

Marie is Turkish Angora kitten, a white furred. She has beautiful bright blue eyes and long lashes. It looks like she is happy with the small bow on her hair.

The coloring sheet of Nermal. He is a small, gray tabby cat featuring in “Garfield”

We hope that this article will help your kids have interesting moments with coloring. Besides, we also have other animals coloring sheets on our website such as monkey, birds, chipmunks, goats, and so on. Please access our website regularly to get new interesting articles.