Top 12+ Cartoon Coloring Papers For Your Beloved Ones


Children have been fascinated with some character of cartoons from books, films or TV. So, many parents want to find coloring sheets of cartoons for their beloved one. It is a good way for children who are addictive cartoons to do instead of switching on the television with those cartoons all the day. Therefore, the list of 15 cartoons coloring pictures in this post will be an amazing gift for your children who always love to cartoons. These coloring sheets feature the most famous characters cartoon around the world such as Simpsons, Batman, Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Pooh, SpongeBob Squarepants, Super Mario, Lion King, Pikachu, Doremon, The Muppets and so on. Let’s take a look and download these ideal coloring sheets now!

The cartoon character of Flintstones coloring page for kids to color

The cartoon character Family Guy to color

The Doraemon coloring sheet for kids who love the robotic cat comes from the future

This coloring page features a robotic cat from Japan who are from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy named Nobita Nobi. We believe that your kids will enjoy brightening the multiple characters in the coloring page.

The Cartoon Series of Pony Princess coloring picture for kids

The amazing cartoon coloring sheet of muppets for kids to color

The coloring page of character cartoon Simpsons

The cartoon coloring sheet of Pikachu dancing

This a great coloring page for your kids to coloring because this character cartoon is one of the more recent cartoons on media. We realize that this cartoon coloring sheet is suitable for children who have just begun with crayons because it is not too hard to coloring. There is only one basic color which is yellow. Now let’s start!

The cartoon coloring sheet of Batman fighting

The Lion King coloring sheet for your beloved one

The coloring sheet of Bugs Bunny for kids

This cartoon coloring picture is an ideal choice for kids who love watching the “Bugs Bunny Show”. You can recommend your kids to draw the sun and beach, some flowers into the coloring sheet to make it more beautiful. Then, it becomes a perfect cartoon coloring sheet for your kids to color. He or she will enjoy coloring the sheet that they made.

The great coloring page of character cartoon Spongebob Squarepants

The coloring sheet of Super Mario for your kids to brighten

The cartoon coloring paper Scooby Doo for kids who love coloring

We hope that your kids will enjoy the collection of cartoon coloring sheets from our website. We believe that these coloring papers will be an amazing activity for your kids in their spare time.