TOP 12+ Monkey Coloring Pages For Your Beloved One


There are many animals that they are cute and lovely around the world. Monkeys who spend most their time on the treetops is one of the most beloved animals that your children may be love. Also, monkeys are considered one of the most intelligent animal. So, why don’t you give your children many cute monkey coloring sheet like these coloring pages of monkey below? These monkey coloring papers are fun and educational., it is very useful for your child to learn about the different kinds of monkeys while coloring these cute sheets.

The adult monkey coloring pages eating leaves. Let’s color it!
The coloring page of a cute monkey wearing boots. Wow, he is dancing!
The lovely coloring sheet of a monkey littering the way with banana

The coloring page of three cute wise monkeys for kids

This coloring sheet features the three lovely wise monkeys, they are Mizaru, Kikszaru, and Iwazaru. Don’t forget to ask your kids what they are doing. Actually, they embody the principle: “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. Color this cute monkey sheet now!

Wow, who is it? The squirrel monkey for children to color

There is some information for your kids to know about the squirrel monkey. They reside in the tropical forest of Central and South America. They own olive fur at their shoulder and yellowish orange furs on their back. Also, their mouth is black, but throat and ears are white. They live in a group with up to 500 members and can divide into smaller groups. Now, brighten this cute squirrel monkey page!

The coloring page of M for monkey. Ask your kid to speak out loud this letter

The trapeze monkeys coloring sheet for your kids to discover

The coloring sheet of monkey and Mowgli. Ask your kid to guess what they are doing?

The monkey coloring page of a funny monkey with a banana

The cartoon monkey for children coloring page. He is climbing and looks so happy

The Howler monkeys in forest coloring sheet for kids

The monkey coloring sheet of Gorillas in forest for your kids

Hopefully, you liked our collection of monkey coloring sheets for children. These coloring pages are free and printable to make a monkey coloring book for your kids to color. These free monkey coloring paper will help your kids learn about many different kinds of monkeys and will also give your kids fun hours of coloring too. Download now!