Top 15 Cutest Minion Coloring Page For Kids


Does your kid like Minion character in the film “Despicable Me”? Are you looking for some Minion coloring pages for your kid? If you say a yes, please don’t miss this post. In this post, we would like to show you the best cute minion coloring sheets, which we have just collected. We hope that your kid will get great coloring time with this collection.

Below are printable cute Minion coloring sheets for kids. It is easy to print out and make a Minion coloring book for your kid. Let’s take a look and download now!

The coloring sheet of Minion smiling with his banana

This little boy comes from the film “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2”. Minions are yellow colored, especially cylindrical creatures with one or two eyes. There are many different minions in the film, each Minion having special characteristics different from others. Also, they have their own unique language to communicate together.

Minion coloring pages for kids. He is alarming, maybe he is getting some troubles

Printable Minion coloring page for kids. She is dancing with the sexy outfit. Let color and dance with her

Minion coloring sheet of Bob. He is smiling and greeting to everyone

Bob known as King Bob, he is one of the main minion characters in the film “Minions”. Bob is a short minion and special with the multi-colored eyes. His one eye is green while the other is brown. Bob loves a teddy bear – Tim, he always holds beside him. Truly. He enjoys listening to bedtime stories. In the film, Bob goes on an adventure with Kevin, another minion in the film, to find a new boss.

The coloring sheet of minion driving a motorbike. It looks like so dangerous

Free minion coloring page for kids. Let brighten them!

The coloring page of minion and Pikachu. We don’t know how they make acquaintance but it looks like they are close friends

The minion coloring sheet of Mark. He is a cute, two-eyed minion who wears a flat, center-parted hair. Color now to make him more handsome!

The minion coloring page of Dave. He is the most hard-working of all the minions. He is an intelligent minion who is kind, caring and hilarious! Wonderful boy!

The coloring sheet of minion loving banana

Minion Tim coloring sheet for kids. Tim who is slim and tall, loving play the boss

The minion show coloring sheet

The coloring page of Minion birthday. He looks so happy!

If your kid is a big fan of minion, this collection of minion coloring pages will be a wonderful gift for him or her. Besides, there are many other topics of coloring pages for kids such as princess coloring page, superhero coloring sheet, flower coloring pictures and so on. Hope you enjoy it!