Top 15 Superman Coloring Pages For Kids


If you are looking for superhero coloring pages for your kid to print out, you are being in the right place. In this new post, we would like to introduce to you the collection of superman coloring pages for kids. We believe that your kid will be amazing if you give them the Superman coloring book from our website! It is easy to make a coloring book for your kid because all of our sheets are free to download and print.

Here are the top printable coloring pages of Superman to fuel coloring interest within your kid. Let’s begin!

The coloring sheet of a superhero – Superman 

Let me introduce a little about Superman. Superman is one of the fictional superheroes on our planet, is a very famous comic character that was created in 1933 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. It went on to become so famous that apart from television serials, comic books, radio programs, and even movies have been created with Superman as the main character.

The coloring page of Superman inside the logo. He looks so cool!

The coloring page of Superman inviting you to color

In this page, the Superman is holding on his hand many color crayons and asking you to color to make his outfit more richly colorful. We believe that your kid who loves watching Superman films or cartoons will be detectable to color this sheet of Superman and his invitation.


The coloring sheet of Superman flying in the sky, this is one of his identity



The coloring page of Superman title logo and symbol logo

The coloring sheet of Superman fighting the enemy

Don’t forget to give your kid some color crayons to bright him and make him more confident so that he would overcome all obstacles to protect our planet.

The coloring page of the attacked from all side a Superman

The coloring sheet of Superman discussing with a girl

The coloring sheet for kids of a mighty strength of Superman

The coloring sheet of Superman Lego. He seems to be angry!

The coloring page of Superman in a right action 

The coloring sheet of Superman fighting Batman

The coloring sheet of the Superman with his gang

The coloring page of Superman Vs Batman

We hope that your kid likes our collection of printable Superman coloring sheet from our online website. Help your kid to color these Superman sheets and have a fun time together. Download these pages and enjoy your weekends with our best coloring page of Superman.